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We at 3 Ladder Studio offer complex and expert types of photography services in Agra. We are a team of technically certified photographers, videographers and cinematographers who with their intelligence make your special moments even greater special. Our team of photographers prides in being creatively inclined and expert in all our assignments while keeping an excessive consumer focus and fostering a wonderful relationship with people around us.

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Destination Wedding Photographer in Agra

Our destination wedding photography packages are intended to make the most out of your venue. With our huge experience catering to destination weddings, we guarantee everything is up to your best standards. 3 Ladder photography team is accessible to go all throughout the planet, whatever the destination might be. Your romantic tale is awesome and as your destination wedding photographers, we will capture every moment of it!

We being one of the best destination wedding photographers in Agra, have covered different wedding venues in India. Be it an extraordinary destination wedding or arranging a wedding away from home, catching wonderful and beautiful pictures at stunning areas is the thing that we care about and our glad couples would second that in a matter of moments. Whatever be the location, the area. Delhi, Gwalior, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mathura…. we have delivered and made it our own wedding.

Pre Wedding Shoot in Agra

If you are looking for the best pre-wedding photographer in Agra then you can come to 3 Ladder Studio.We are one of the most experienced pre-wedding photographers in Agra and Our expert team of pre wedding photography profoundly capable in a pre-wedding photoshoot. We make Best Pre Wedding Videos with our extraordinary method of clicking professional pictures. Over the course of the long stretches of greatness and hard work, we have been fruitful in fulfilling our customers with the finest of high-end pre-wedding photography services in Agra. 

If you also wish to transform the most valuable pictures of your wedding into a  romantic saga, Call Us right now and we will serve you with incredible Services and creative Ideas of an exceptional pre-wedding photoshoot.
A pre-wedding shoot is a photoshoot with you and your accomplice, at an area of your decision. Pre-wedding photoshoots are for the individuals who need great photos of fellowship, without the problems of the heavy wedding dress, makeup,  jewellery, a lot of people around, and the annoying selfies. 3 Ladder studio holds a unique position as a superior photography studio in agra for different events. We give proficient and reasonable pre-wedding photography packages in agra. We emphatically suggested pre wedding photography meeting,  as it helps us to get to know each other, to perceive how we work and you will get used to seeing us with the camera. Pre-wedding photoshoots in Agra can be at a traditional historical landmark, any of our excellent parks, or possibly the school you went to as a child, school maybe. 

Wedding Photographers in Agra

3 Ladder is a leading photo studio in town which is best name in the industry of Wedding photography in Agra. We have rendered our creativity to many people in sort of the beautiful wedding images clicked. 3 Ladder is the best wedding photographer in Agra who strives to replenish all the beautiful moments in your wedding album. We acknowledge that customers hired us to supply an entertaining repertoire by which they will recall all their memories of the wedding during watching the marriage album. We always like to do something creative and unique to form your wedding album grandeur.

Hire Services of 3 Ladder wedding photographers in Agra, Uttar Pradesh for premium quality photo and video shoot .Opt for best wedding photography services and wedding shoots altogether areas of agra. Book our service now to rent the best photographers in agra & other Nearest locations.
Our wedding photographer works during a wedding sort of a storyteller and tries to render all the joyful and emotional moments you’ve spent together with your family, friends and relatives. We replenish all the great memories of your wedding with certain images and reciprocate you in sort of your wedding album. Book our service now.

Birthday Photography in Agra

3 Ladder understands the client’s requirements and our best birthday photographers in Agra come up with their birthday photography ideas adding creativity to them. The birthday photographers in our studio are knowledgeable, well experienced in capturing the wow moments on birthdays. Our photographers capture and create beautiful moments of the special day.

Each client always wants their dear one’s birthday to be captured differently and in some innovative style which is unseen by anyone, our best birthday photographers understand the same and come up with their ideas which are mostly different. Our birthday photographers keep the friendly environment around so that you all feel comfortable while creating it.


A newborn baby’s homecoming is one of the exciting times for everyone. From day 1, the new parents want to record each and every moment spend with their tiny bundle of joy. 3 ladder studio will be happy to help you with this. We have a team of professional photographers for these baby photoshoots. Photographing a baby can be as challenging as painting a kid. Our photographers for the baby and newborn shoots are very much experienced.  The mood of newborns can get in the way of your work. Our photographers are very well trained to do photoshoots with babies so that newborn photography becomes easy. 3 ladder photographers are wonderful in capturing all these adorable spontaneous babyfaces like babies sleeping, yawning, and expressing different emotions which parents love to watch.

To capture photographs of newborn babies, our photographers who are experts in the baby shoot, use different props and watch out for what colors and textures the baby seems to like which allows the photographers to make the most of the photography session the best. 

If the baby is a little bit cranky, it’s fine to reschedule for a better time when the baby is more at ease. A happy baby is much easier to work than a sulky one.  

Pre-Birthday Shoot in Agra

Birthdays are the best special day! Don’t you agree? Using cake, candles, and balloons are common ways of celebrating birthdays. This year let’s celebrate FIRST BIRTHDAY in some different way that is creative, innovative too with the help of 3 ladder studio. 3 ladder studio, which is exclusively designed for this special pre-birthday photoshoot. 3 Ladder is a studio that has a team of pre-birthday photographers and videographers, who can capture beautiful and mesmerizing photos and videos of the same. 3 Ladder pre-birthday shoot photography team is well trained in capturing the most precious moments during the photography session.
3 ladder studio believes pre-birthday photography is a creative art form for which we use top equipment, amazing soft portrait lights to get the sharpest and best quality images. We even use superb backgrounds and lots of props to make the photoshoot attractive. You can even add music and songs of your choice while making pre-birthday videos.

Maternity Shoot in Agra

Pregnancy is a time when a lady who enters mothership gives birth to a new individual. There, the mother is always in a happy state , and the life which she is leading completely changes after the birth of a baby.
The ideal time to schedule a Maternity photoshoot is generally sometime between weeks 28 and 32, so you can show off that adorable baby bump.
Searching for fresh pregnancy photographers in Agra? 3 ladder studio is one of the best in the town. 3 ladder studio will be happy to serve you. Maternity photography is one of the most impressive and creative ways to capture the lovely moments of pregnancy. One can cherish the pregnancy photographs for lifetime.  3 ladder’s team of maternity shoot photographers are well-experienced and trusted ones, who can create a gorgeous gallery of beautiful maternity photographs. 3 ladder’s maternity shoot photographers, who can capture magical moments while the photos are clicked by keeping in mind the client’s comfort level with different poses suggested by the photographers. Contact us for pregnancy / maternity photo shoot.

Engagement Photographers in Agra – Few couples may feel engagement sessions aren’t necessary, but there are valuable reasons. you’ll get to understand your photographer, you get an excellent comfort together with your partner, give you an opportunity to reconnect, before wedding you’ll get to understand the professional photos of yourselves. Get creative and have some fun whatever you select to try to do .

Knowing the Photographer is extremely important for the success of your day. Capturing the experience and establishing a relationship with the photographer benefits during the marriage . If you’re checking out the Best Engagement Photographers in Agra, “3 Ladder Photography Studio” is the best choice . Trustworthy team and trending Engagement Photographers in Agra

Product Shoot in Agra

We offer expert Professional Product and commercial photography services in Agra for fashion, jewellery, clothes, shoes, model, eCommerce.These type of photoshoots are done by us here by working to a specific requirement as laid out by the client/ art director. The Demand for professional product and commercial photoshoots has emerged extensively worldwide . There are a great many sellers in India and all around the world who gets On-board day by day on the online portal and accordingly they search out for product photographer in Agra. This is because the demand for a good quality picture is very high as it is directly related to the sales of the product. And furthermore, some strict rules are to be followed while clicking pictures for the product.
3 Ladder offer the best professional Product and commercial Photography in Agra and we are providing our customers to give you the decision to have your product look perfect for your style of business, So we have come out with various beautiful backgrounds that fit your brand and recognize your photos from your competitors with their own style.